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Other File Submission Methods

  1. FastTrack
  2. Can I email my files to you?
  3. Can I bring my files to you on a flash drive?

FastTrack is a virtual print driver that lets you create print-ready files from any software application on your computer. FastTrack makes everything easier!

  • FastTrack will convert your document into an industry-standard PDF document, complete with fonts and graphics already in place, so you won't need to send those files separately.
  • FastTrack will provide you with an onscreen proof of the PDF it created. The proof you view is the exact same PDF file we'll take into production, so you can rest assured that what you see truly is what you will get.
  • FastTrack will automatically send the completed file to our website, saving you the time and hassle of opening a web browser and uploading the file manually.
  • When the order arrives on our website, FastTrack will present an instant preflight report, alerting you to items that might affect the production schedule of your order. If changes are needed, you can then go back to your original file, edit it, and resubmit it right away.

FastTrack is free to use and allows you to submit your files to us in the most efficient method possible.

Can I email my files to you?

Yes, you may email your files to us. However, we'd like to encourage you to use the Send a File tools on our website, which has been designed to effortlessly transfer large files.

We believe you'll find the file submission tools on our website much more reliable and efficient than email. If you send your files via email, you may be subjected to a file size limit imposed by your Internet service provider. Your Internet service provider may limit the size of email attachments you are allowed to send through their system, which may result in large graphic files being undelivered.

Can I bring my files to you on a flash drive?

Yes, we'll gladly accept your files on a flash drive. Sometimes you just need to "get out of the office," and we always enjoy the opportunity to visit with you face-to-face. So while our website's Send a File tool will easily transfer very large files, those same files will travel just as well on a flash drive if you prefer to bring them to us in person.